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I have been in hiding....time for a reboot!

Hello again, I have been absent from my everyday life for a couple of weeks.  The question today is, what is of true value and are you living your best self? Astrologically things are shifting significantly . Major planets are moving into a new sign. This may sound like a foreign language to many people but these planetary shifts do effect our life on a global scale.  Some may think that what happens in the solar system has no effect on us, but all you have to do is look at how the moon effects the tides. According to Karyl Jackson, a very knowledgeable astrologer "Our true spiritual essence, purpose and passion will evolve according to the information that is coming into the picture, This New Era requires that inner and outer balance occur. This balance will bring our self and values into our new life, as transparency reveals our true inner essence." I am sharing a simplified message without all the technical information of what planets are doing what. Planets