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What do you do when you can't do anything?

What do you do when you can't do anything? Well you can always do something... in my case with my son who is still having health issues, I pray,  light candles and have faith. What can you do if your husband/wife/partner, is tired of the relationship after years of emotional investment. I have seen more than a few couples in this situation. It is devastating on so many levels. For the one that wants out, guilt. For the one that wants the relationship they feel powerless, insecure with loss of self esteem, frightened, angry, and betrayed. I have helped couples get past this break in the relationship back to themselves, the us, but on a whole new level. A deeper level, a more honest and fulfilling level. Their relationship is strengthened. It takes work, change is difficult we all like our comfort levels undisturbed. To grow and change we have to be ready to be disturbed, face ourselves, be truthful, share emotions. Take risks. All this takes action and cooperation from

Challenges, how to cope

I have not felt like sharing for awhile. My son who is my youngest child (my baby) has been dealing with health issues, that are significant. I am scared.  It is challenging for someone like me because I have faith, I am usually positive and optimistic. I can always be there for other people and offer support and clarity. My children are my Achilles heel. I go right into fear when threatened with anything happening to them. I have a very close, awesome relationship with my son.  I have almost lost him three times. I don't feel I could bear to lose him. I would not want to go on living. Which would of course be grossly unfair to my beloved daughter, and to all the other people in my life who love me. It is irrational, but my basic little self is in a state of terror.  I am challenged, with all I know and practice to suddenly be thrown into my most frightened, terror stricken, little self. I am human. I know that I have to accept that but truth be told, I really would l