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Facing your fears

Facing your fears can be a very paralyzing. It is easier to talk about then to actually do it. But the choices are, do you want to be a prisoner or do you want to be free? When we stop ourselves from moving forward because we are afraid of being wrong or making a mistake or just doing something different.  We are closing the gates of growth and expansion. I have learned that the truly successful people in life are the people that have failed 1000 times but never gave up, their success came from continuing to move forward with their dream and not stopping because of a failure. Those are the brave and the free. Have I always done this? No, in my life I too have succumbed to fear.  I am human, I have been insecure, afraid and at times stopped myself from growing.  The good news is, I did not stay in that place of fear and would move forward anyway. Even if that meant I had to  indulge in my fear for awhile. I used my inner voice to encourage me because I was miserable staying stuc

Feeling overwhelmed and blessed

This month I have 3 great grandchildren’s birthdays. 1 grandson, and my wonderful daughters birthday 5 days later. Let’s face it that is a lot. Gifts, party’s, shopping. You get the picture. At this time in my life I am more interested in making memories with my family. I want them to remember me when I am gone by things we did together.  It came to me last night that I really want them to know that they have a Jewish great grandmother. My grandchildren are aware, but they have intermarried and I am afraid their heritage, their Jewish great grandmother and the culture will be lost to them. Will it all end with me?  I know my children will continue traditions as they see fit. Not quite the same as having a Bubbe. What are the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our offspring. Traditions, culture, family values. It sounds old fashion, but the truth is that is what endures. We can leave money, houses, bonds, all sorts of material things. All that can be lost, broken, taken. They can al

Stand off at the OK corral

Do you always have to be right? can you admit your mistakes? Do you apologize? Many couples that I have seen, have had the complaint that their partner will never admit to bad behavior, or if they do, they blame it on them. "you made me act that way" No one can make another person do anything, or act a certain way, we are responsible for our own reactions and actions. We have choices. We make those choices, and live with the consequences. Some people have a really hard time saying  "I'm sorry" It is ok to make a mistake and  if you have hurt someone have the courage to admit it and say "I am sorry" This is not a show of weakness but a show of strength. It is also important to be able to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. When you harbor resentment it affects your well-being, mind and body. It is like eating poison and expecting some else to die. Couples argue, they have different opinions on things, but next time you are in th

What is energy? How does it effect us?

Energy is what everything is composed of.  We emit and transmit energy. Have you ever noticed that you feel drained after you are with someone, but energized after being with somebody else? You have that same effect on your friends and family.  Positive energy or negative energy.  You can change the vibrations in your environment. You can be effected energetically by what you eat, what you listen too and what you watch, and what’s happening in the sky. I have clients who watch certain TV shows that are filled with doom and gloom. The constant listening to the news can depress anyone. We are deeply effected by everything around us,you may not even be aware of the connection. You can just feel angry, depressed, anxious. Become aware of what you have been doing, listening to, hanging out with. Keep track in a journal so you can compare and become aware. You may be feeling down, not because of your actual life but by the things surrounding you. Choose to surround yourself with po

Creating the life you want!

Ever since I was a very young girl I became aware that I had the power to create my experiences. I didn't have the power to manage my life, but I had the ability to influences my experience in it. Sink or swim.  I swam. I used to watch my older sister, talk back to our father and get in trouble. She would get yelled at and spanked. She would take his liquor then lie. I did not understand why she always antagonized him. My father could be very cruel.  She ended up marrying two different men that were abusive. I wanted none of that. I used that as information of what not to do.  I was "daddy's good girl" the smart one "sharp as a tack" he would tell people.  I was, I knew how to survive. That part of me that watched and listened showed me in many ways, how not to behave.  I was also taught who not to marry! and how not to be a parent. How lucky  for my children. So what about you? have you learned to create the life you want? I have had clients that con

Letting my mind Bird Box true

Happy Saturday, I went exploring today, visiting Lummi Island.  I had never been there before. I thought of all the energy I have experienced in my other explorations. Where does it all lead. A new path to myself? Can I  See myself better? Will each new adventure lead you to yourself?  Are you watching yourself? or do you have on a blindfold??? Do you love? I ponder these things for you and myself. I will start off by... Watching Myself. I have removed the blindfold. Life is good. I feel like I am in a large enclosure that is very expanded but still has a set boundry. I am watching myself live, my daily living. Being the human that I came here on Earth to be. Being too caught up. I can sometimes get so caught in the moment that I forget, that I forgot to watch. (blindfold) What do I want to inspire you to do?  Don't take everything so seriously it usually means getting your feelings hurt or making judgements. See things from a positive point of view. Remove th

Wonderful Friday

Friday is the day most working people look forward too. They know that the next day will bring them, ME time but, what if we took a 10 minute vacation twice a day to have a ME time? You might be thinking, I don't have 20 minutes a day for ME. I say BS. You do, you have to be willing to make yourself a priority. Most women do not make themselves a priority. Just by our biology we were created to give, give, give. To be more specific, we can have baby's. We can get pregnant, carry a child in our womb growing it from our own flesh and bones, feeding it with our blood. We can keep them alive after they are born with our breasts, nursing them, we are usually the primary caretakers. Now I know that not all women have babies, by choice or health and some men take care of them.  The point I am trying to make is, OUR BIOLOGY! Our DNA, our programing in society. Don't get me wrong. I loved raising children. My children are my best friends. I was and am so grateful for the gift

Dealing with our comfort zones

Happy Wednesday,  A day of challenge for me, setting up a new program on my phone and ipad. I am not a person who feels that comfortable with technology.  I notice when I have to learn something new on the computer or my phone I get a tight feeling in my gut. My heart speeds up and I feel resentful. I grew up with big dial phones, no television, until I was 7 and then we had three channels. We had typewriters, not computers. Sounds like the dark ages.? We listened to the radio for our news and had programs that entertained like "the Shadow knows" or music. Well you get the picture. I have had to stretch to move into the age of technology. I got my first computor about 1985 a Macintosh it was a very small screen. I hardly used it. I was afraid and uncomfortable. Although I am fine using the basics now, I still feel the same reactions when I have to learn a new program. I know this is true for many people, maybe not about technology, but about new behavior or actions. We

What a day!

Today started out normal, than my daughter called to tell me she was going to ER with my  16 year old grandson.  5 days earlier he had a tonsillectomy. He woke up this morning vomiting blood. Needless to say I rushed right over to hospital, my plan for this morning was to go to the dentist, a new dentist this was to be my introduction. When I got to the ER my daughter told me that my grandson had requested me, saying that he felt better when I was around, safer. He and I have a very unique relationship, he loves my magic and embraces the truth of my practice. I see who he is, his larger self and that is why he wants to be around me. To be truly seen. Why does he see me? Because, he sees himself, he is magic too. You can not see what you are not. When you have doubts about the spiritual, you don't know your own spirit. We all have it, I am not special because I know, embrace and believe.  I have delved into the endless self and found myself there. The most important mission

Mary Poppins

I went to see the new movie last night, Mary Poppins.  It was filled with magic, hope, a heroine and of course the bad guy. We know that is the world we live in.  The good, the magic, the hope. The awful, negative and corrupt. The good and magical is either minimized, overlooked or unimagined and the negative is broadcast loud and clear. It is what makes news. Unfortunately, we always see and focus too much on the bad guy, and far too few of us look to or focus on magic, hope and saving ourselves (the heroine). This outlook  brings us feelings of powerlessness depression, hopelessness and negativity. We think or believe that the saving of our life/the world with come from without ourselves (the heroine) or hero. The truth is we can change our focus, we can change our thinking and we can change our life. We many not be able to change the world in one stroke of positive thinking, but we can make a difference in our own personal world. If each of us did that, we would make a hug

Enpowering your life!

Today, I felt the the expansion of myself. I know some people measure themselves and their success by how much money they have in the bank or how big their house is, or  how much  they own. OR, or, or. You get the picture. They measure by outside manifestations of success. I used to think that I would really feel great about myself if I was able to do all that for myself. I did all that, then gave it all up.  Why because it did not really fill the hole I was trying to fill. In my thirities I had pulled myself up from the life I came from. I finished most of my formal  education lived in Malibu California and had a thriving practice as a Therapist. I still had the emptiness within. I wrote a book about this part of my life when I was 37. Its called MALKA, A TOTAL CELEBRATION. The last several years, I have been seeing my true fortune. Today was a snapshot of my true legacy. I started out In the morning and drove to Oak Harbor to see my Son and daughter-in law, visiting from E

Today is the day!

Well, I heard the call and I finally answered it!  For a few years now I have been feeling like I should be doing something new.  I started getting little messages just before I fell asleep but, I was resistant to really listening. I am sure we all have had those moments in our life when a voice within speaks and we don't listen.  Listening usually means doing something different, tak’ing action, that can be scary because it also means change. Most of us are afraid to change even if we are in emotional pain because that can be familar and safe. (even the pain) The unknown is just that, unknown, not safe... I personally was not ready to take action so I let the messages collect in the back of my brain. I was resistant and insecure about putting myself "out there again",  more about that on another day. I have lived a long time and spent my life learning about me and using  any and all methods to get to the core of myself.  I have studied and lived different religion