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What are you learning?

4/17/2020 Good day everyone, It is a another beautiful day in Anacortes Washington. Have you been using this time to understand yourself more? I am. I have been doing my own questioning about what I have learned about myself during these weeks. I learned that I usually spend all or most of my time thinking about other people, their problems, needs  and wants.  It is not them demanding it, it is me just doing what comes naturally, caring about my family ( a large one, thank god) and my friends and clients.   I realized that I have been in a constant state of stress, that I was not even aware of.  I was always doing, planning, going, moving. I have put demands and expectations on myself that I had to constantly help and do for others. Now those are all positive things to do, but in balance.  I have been ignoring myself. I am really beginning to look at myself during this social distancing/isolation. I have used this time to walk regularly, my body is in better co

What is in your heart today?

What is in your heart today? Here is what is in mine. I hope you take the time to read it all. It is so challenging to stay calm and centered during this time of fear and anger.  Everything we knew about our world has shifted into quiet chaos.  All the things we took for granted, hugging and kissing our family and friends, going over to visit, having dinner out. It's as if the world, the whole world was picked up and shaken profusely than dropped into a complete new reality. Why? I have been missing my family, our dinners, our hugs. I miss my Moses Lake family. No big Passover Seder, no Easter dinner or easter egg hunts with the great grandchildren. { yes we celebrate both because we have family member's and that is their tradition.} I have been submerged in thinking about the experience of this plague, Corona Virus I kept hearing inside,  this is like the Tower of Babel, I remembered the basics of the Tower of Babel but I researched it and have shared the Biblical meani

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day  4/3/2020 The Sun was shinning today, Thank you Sun. Wonderful light that dispels darkness Hello everyone, we are all dealing with the plague, corona, that has befallen us.  we are mentally and emotionally consumed  and concerned. I have been thinking about the following  scenerios, (usually at night or very early morning). In my last blog, I wrote about some of our various emotions during this tim e. I keep listening and my mind has asked these questions and considered these possibilities. A.  Is God testing us and forcing us to see what we have become. How ungrateful and immoral, how arrogant and selfish. B.  Are extraterrestrials, trying to cull the herd?   C.  Has some government or planet brought a virus on purpose?   a ultimate grab for power as we all dismantel our lives around the world. D.  It has brought the USA to a halt as far as economics and we are not allowed to gather.  Many other countries are sharing the same fate.  No Gathering.