What are you learning?


Good day everyone,

It is a another beautiful day in Anacortes Washington.

Have you been using this time to understand yourself more?
I am.

I have been doing my own questioning about what I have learned about myself during these weeks.

I learned that I usually spend all or most of my time thinking about other people, their problems, needs  and wants. 
It is not them demanding it, it is me just doing what comes naturally, caring about my family ( a large one, thank god) and my friends and clients.  
I realized that I have been in a constant state of stress, that I was not even aware of. 
I was always doing, planning, going, moving.

I have put demands and expectations on myself that I had to constantly help and do for others.

Now those are all positive things to do, but in balance. 
I have been ignoring myself.

I am really beginning to look at myself during this social distancing/isolation.

  • I have used this time to walk regularly, my body is in better condition!
  • I have been cooking more, reading more and being able to just chill.
  • I have connected with friends on the phone that I haven't spoken to in many years. 
  • I  am able to write my blog again.
  • I call my sister, every day. She is alone in California,
  • I have stopped having my nails, toes, eyelashes, and hair done. 
  • I also decided I might not continue the regime again. 
  • I will spend more time doing other activities for myself. 
  • Also save some money!
  • I stopped getting dressed up daily, no makeup, hair only on the okay side. LOL
  • I am wearing my relax and don't worry clothes.
  • I am really enjoying my home and how safe and comfortable I feel in it.
  • I am finally here ( not on a trip somewhere) to witness all my beautiful flowers blooming.
  • I am actually taking much better care of myself. More solitude and inner reflection.

  • I encouraged and supported my wife in retiring.
  • She can stop hurting her body doing massage for others.
  • We will adjust our spending accordingly.

I am still in the process of more self discovery. 
It is really amusing, because I have spent so many years working on myself and becoming a gifted healer and teacher. 
I have explored so many different areas and done so many rituals and ceremony that I, as well as others have benefited from. 

After moving to Washington from Sedona Az. that all changed.

I was being surrounded by family and changing my priorites, but not in balance. 

This time has been a real wake up call for me and hopefully all of us.

What is important?  
First Self, 
Balance, do for others, but remember yourself.
We are the caretakers of our own mind, body and spirit.
Take good care of yourself, that's your job.

I want to be around for a long time so I can enjoy my beautiful, wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 
To achieve that requires self care. I also want to model that for others.

I am sending love, prayers and blessings to all that read this.


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