Dealing with our comfort zones

Happy Wednesday,  A day of challenge for me, setting up a new program on my phone and ipad.

I am not a person who feels that comfortable with technology.  I notice when I have to learn something new on the computer or my phone I get a tight feeling in my gut. My heart speeds up and I feel resentful.

I grew up with big dial phones, no television, until I was 7 and then we had three channels. We had typewriters, not computers. Sounds like the dark ages.? We listened to the radio for our news and had programs that entertained like "the Shadow knows" or music. Well you get the picture. I have had to stretch to move into the age of technology. I got my first computor about 1985 a Macintosh it was a very small screen. I hardly used it. I was afraid and uncomfortable. Although I am fine using the basics now, I still feel the same reactions when I have to learn a new program.

I know this is true for many people, maybe not about technology, but about new behavior or actions.
We all like to remain in our comfort zones. We feel safe when we do. However, if we want to expand and grow it is necessary to move out of the zone into new knowledge and behavior. Easier said than done.

We have to become our own teacher and cheerleader, or find someone we trust to help us along the path. Often it is difficult to learn new behavior without some mentoring. Asking for help is a positive step, it means you are ready to move ahead with change and new imput.

We also have to help ourselves by self talk, journaling, forcing ourselves to confront our fear, admit it, than move forward. Practice the new skill, acknowledge your self growth. Above all, don't give up. Giving up sends a negative message to your psyche.

Well I am off to my office now. Have a Blessed day!


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