Mary Poppins

I went to see the new movie last night, Mary Poppins.  It was filled with magic, hope, a heroine and of course the bad guy.

We know that is the world we live in.  The good, the magic, the hope. The awful, negative and corrupt. The good and magical is either minimized, overlooked or unimagined and the negative is broadcast loud and clear. It is what makes news.

Unfortunately, we always see and focus too much on the bad guy, and far too few of us look to or focus on magic, hope and saving ourselves (the heroine). This outlook  brings us feelings of powerlessness depression, hopelessness and negativity. We think or believe that the saving of our life/the world with come from without ourselves (the heroine) or hero.

The truth is we can change our focus, we can change our thinking and we can change our life.
We many not be able to change the world in one stroke of positive thinking, but we can make a difference in our own personal world.

If each of us did that, we would make a huge difference in the global world, filling the energy spaces around us with positive thoughts and actions. We make a difference, the Kabbalah teaches that we are each a universe in ourselves. Imagine, what that really means.  Creating a wonderful universe/world in our own life and the lives of the people around us. Our mind is the master, we are the masters of our mind! We do not have to be slaves to negative thinking.

Start today, when you get a thought that doesn't make you feel positive and good, say, cancel, cancel reset. Think of something the makes you feel grateful or happy. If you keep doing that you will become the architect of your life. Keep a journal that keeps track of your progress. Do one thing daily for someone else.

You are a vital part of this world, you make a difference, you can be the change you desire.

Blessings for an awesome day.


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