Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

The Sun was shinning today, Thank you Sun. Wonderful light that dispels darkness

Hello everyone,

we are all dealing with the plague, corona, that has befallen us. we are mentally and emotionally consumed and concerned.

I have been thinking about the following  scenerios, (usually at night or very early morning).

In my last blog, I wrote about some of our various emotions during this time.

I keep listening and my mind has asked these questions and considered these possibilities.

A.  Is God testing us and forcing us to see what we have become. How ungrateful and immoral, how arrogant and selfish.

B.  Are extraterrestrials, trying to cull the herd?  

C.  Has some government or planet brought a virus on purpose?  
a ultimate grab for power as we all dismantel our lives around the world.

D.  It has brought the USA to a halt as far as economics and we are not allowed to gather. Many other countries are sharing the same fate. 
No Gathering. No Gathering, No Gathering.

E.  Or, Is Mother Earth, angry at us for polluting, killing, destroying, disrespecting, ignoring her waters, trees, mountains, animals, fish, people, Women.

These last 3 1/2  years has seen the safety measures that were put in place to protect her, destroyed. Women having power being pulled apart by men.

How will we change? What is the theme here?

Let me know your thought on this, I am interested.

Dear, Divine Mother and Father, 
I pray for the day  of balance, respect,  harmony and healing for everything and everyone.


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