Facing your fears

Facing your fears can be a very paralyzing. It is easier to talk about then to actually do it.

But the choices are, do you want to be a prisoner or do you want to be free?

When we stop ourselves from moving forward because we are afraid of being wrong or making a mistake or just doing something different.  We are closing the gates of growth and expansion.

I have learned that the truly successful people in life are the people that have failed 1000 times but never gave up, their success came from continuing to move forward with their dream and not stopping because of a failure. Those are the brave and the free.

Have I always done this? No, in my life I too have succumbed to fear.  I am human, I have been insecure, afraid and at times stopped myself from growing.  The good news is, I did not stay in that place of fear and would move forward anyway. Even if that meant I had to  indulge in my fear for awhile. I used my inner voice to encourage me because I was miserable staying stuck.

My inner self would not allow me to stop growing, I would end up being more unhappy staying stuck than I was afraid of the unknown. I can say in all truthfulness that I have never been sorry about jumping into the unknown.  I have always grown and expanded.  Most important I have self respect for not letting my fears rule me. I feel like I have lived many lifetimes in this incarnation.  Had amazing, life changing experiences and never looked back to say "what if"

I can speak to people about facing their fears not from a head space because it sounds good.  I can speak from a heart space because I have done it!!!

The one person in life we will always be with is ourselves. We need to trust and respect ourselves because if we don't, we certainly can't trust anybody else, not truly.

We hold the keys to our life. We can choose to be free.  We can choose to be prisoners.  We can live in the now or in the "what if." We can trust ourselves if we can support what we need.

Can you trust and support your own personal growth even if it means being in a scary place for awhile? Can you open to change and not let fear win? I pray your answer is yes.

Love and blessings, Malka


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