Letting my mind fly...is Bird Box true

Happy Saturday,

I went exploring today, visiting Lummi Island.  I had never been there before.
I thought of all the energy I have experienced in my other explorations.
Where does it all lead. A new path to myself? Can I See myself better?

Will each new adventure lead you to yourself? 
Are you watching yourself? or do you have on a blindfold???
Do you love?

I ponder these things for you and myself.

I will start off by...
Watching Myself. I have removed the blindfold. Life is good.
I feel like I am in a large enclosure that is very expanded but still has a set boundry. I am watching myself live, my daily living. Being the human that I came here on Earth to be.

Being too caught up.
I can sometimes get so caught in the moment that I forget, that I forgot to watch. (blindfold)

What do I want to inspire you to do? 
Don't take everything so seriously it usually means getting your feelings hurt or making judgements.
See things from a positive point of view. Remove the blindfold, expect the best.

What about love?
You don't have to be serious about love. Love will bring you to to the knowledge that true love will open your  heart, truly opening to love will bring you to your soul.

It will also kick up all your insecurities from past heartships.  I see many people, that find their prince or princess charming, then are frightened to open up their heart and trust. That can and does bring negativity into your bubble of love. If you don't believe deep inside that you deserve love, you will try to poison that love to prove to yourself that you shouldn't trust and you don't deserve to be loved.

I beseech you from your own soul calling out to me. Trust yourself to love. 

Love can bring us into the deepest part of our selves. What we love has power.
Love yourself and the Divine, within and all around you the most.
That will always sustain you.

The divine loves us unconditionally. We are the divine. don't deny yourself. Claim your brillance and your humanity. Forgive your weakness, we all have the same maladies, it is called humanity, we are human. We all make mistakes. We have made poor decisions, hurt someone, hurt ourselves.

Write in your journal what you are afraid of could it be success??? Can you forgive yourself?

So within the confines of my body, and limitless soul, I send you love and blessings from one human to another. Malka


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