Stand off at the OK corral

Do you always have to be right? can you admit your mistakes? Do you apologize?

Many couples that I have seen, have had the complaint that their partner will never admit to bad behavior, or if they do, they blame it on them. "you made me act that way"

No one can make another person do anything, or act a certain way, we are responsible for our own reactions and actions. We have choices. We make those choices, and live with the consequences.

Some people have a really hard time saying  "I'm sorry" It is ok to make a mistake and  if you have hurt someone have the courage to admit it and say "I am sorry"
This is not a show of weakness but a show of strength.

It is also important to be able to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. When you harbor resentment it affects your well-being, mind and body. It is like eating poison and expecting some else to die.

Couples argue, they have different opinions on things, but next time you are in that situation ask your. "is this the hill I am willing to die on" even if you disagree, how important is being right?

Relationships are about compromise. Each person needs to feel they have some power in the relationship and their feelings are honored and respected.

Love is honoring the other and showing that through action, not just words.

I have lived a long time and had many relationships in my life and made plenty of mistakes.
I am sharing this with you because these are things it took me a long while to really learn.

It does not have to take you a long time.  Save yourself alot of grief, pain and broken relationships.
Make the person you love happy and feel valued, you will reap the rewards. Your health will improve and so will your relationship.

Be brave, be human, we are all fallible.

Love and blessings, Malka


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