Today is the day!

Well, I heard the call and I finally answered it! 

For a few years now I have been feeling like I should be doing something new.  I started getting little messages just before I fell asleep but, I was resistant to really listening. I am sure we all have had those moments in our life when a voice within speaks and we don't listen. 
Listening usually means doing something different, tak’ing action, that can be scary because it also means change. Most of us are afraid to change even if we are in emotional pain because that can be familar and safe. (even the pain) The unknown is just that, unknown, not safe...

I personally was not ready to take action so I let the messages collect in the back of my brain. I was resistant and insecure about putting myself "out there again",  more about that on another day.

I have lived a long time and spent my life learning about me and using  any and all methods to get to the core of myself.  I have studied and lived different religions, life styles, and magical realitys. I have traveled and worked with people all over the world and discovered we really all have some of the same basic needs, wants and desires. I have a great deal to share. I am ready to share.

I was born during World War ll , a Jewish girl in Boyle Height, in Los Angeles Califorina. 
The home of the new age. 

What was my message? 
Write what I know to help people live their everyday life with more joy, happiness and love. So with that in mind, my goal is to write daily and share myself and my insights.


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