What is energy? How does it effect us?

Energy is what everything is composed of.  We emit and transmit energy.

Have you ever noticed that you feel drained after you are with someone, but energized after being with somebody else?

You have that same effect on your friends and family.  Positive energy or negative energy.  You can change the vibrations in your environment. You can be effected energetically by what you eat, what you listen too and what you watch, and what’s happening in the sky.

I have clients who watch certain TV shows that are filled with doom and gloom. The constant listening to the news can depress anyone. We are deeply effected by everything around us,you may not even be aware of the connection. You can just feel angry, depressed, anxious.

Become aware of what you have been doing, listening to, hanging out with. Keep track in a journal so you can compare and become aware. You may be feeling down, not because of your actual life but by the things surrounding you.

Choose to surround yourself with positive input. Uplifting people, programs, environments.

See the good, is there bad stuff around? Yes but you don’t have to be apart of it or support it with your attention.

Some thoughts for a Wednesday afternoon.

Love and blessings, Malka


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